The Part Gadgets Play in Our Lives

When I was a child we did not have gadgets. We went outside and had adventures; we had pen pals and waited what seemed like forever for a letter to come in the mail, we called our friends on the home phone with the curly cord. Things are very different now. Now we have gadgets that can keep us in constant communication with anyone anywhere in the word. Gadgets play a huge part in our lives, but most of us never actually stop to think about it.

Studies have shown that even babies respond to gadgets. Place a tablet in front of them and they will choose it over their parent. This shows us that gadgets no matter what they are play a huge role in our lives, even from a young age. We learn early that they are like a lifeline to the world, one that we would feel lost without.

gadgets, gadgets, gadgets!

Adults today try to do more in less time. These gadgets make it more possible to do that. The technology that comes with these gadgets lets you keep track of the things that you need to do, work on things for your job, keep in touch with people, and much, much more. It makes one wonder, before these gadgets were around, how did people do it all?

It is not just personal gadgets that have made advancements in the last couple of decades. Medical gadgets have too. This helps us to live longer and have fewer complications during certain procedures. These advancements in technology and medical gadgets have made medical diagnostics and surgery much safer for us all.

There is so many new gadgets coming out all the time it can be hard to keep up. It is obvious that they play an important part in our life from the gadgets we use in our personal life to the ones doctors use to take care of our medical problems to the ones we need for work. It is most definitely hard to imagine where we would be without them.

There once was a time that we did not have them and it was a good time, a different time, but not a time that many would choose to go back to. All these gadgets that have come out have made our lives easier and made it possible for us to get more done in less time, not to mention the safer medical procedures. Technology is truly a blessing that we cannot walk away from. Besides if we lost these technological gadgets, we would be lost ourselves.

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